After what seemed like an eternity of the designing to production process, we're pleased to be announcing to you our new line of multifunctional storage baskets titled "Basketi".

This project was particularly special to us, as we were able to collaborate with a team of local craftsmen to produce hand made multifunctional storage baskets that offer a stylish and sustainable solution to decluttering your space. Our multifunctional baskets can also be used as spacious shopping baskets or food storage for picnics and various other activities. 


Our baskets are made from 100% repurposed plastic by a team of three craftsmen. Each basket is made by hand and has its own unique shape and form, meaning that no two baskets are the same. Your Basketi is truly only made for you and your home only.

Buying one of our baskets will mean that you are contributing to tackling the ever-growing plastic waste problem in Malawi. As well as this, you are also helping in keeping the art of basket weaving stay alive. A tradition that has sustained the lives of many local craftsmen, and helped shape the aesthetic and functionality aspects of the average Malawian household.


Basketi comes in three colour ways green and white, black and white, and plain white. All colours will be available to shop online from 01/12  

Basketi comes in three colour ways and will be available to shop at our market stall on 19/11 and online on 01/12