KUKULA 2022 Gift Guide

The Home 


1) H&M home x Uncommon matters vase - £99.99



Diameter 5 cm. Width 16 cm. Height 23.5 cm


2) Candle Warmer- Etsy £67.05 


3) Hay Coffee Table Book- £30 


4) Beez wax Dinner Candles- £15 


5) Kukula Basketi storage basket- Kukula £25 


6) Conversation cards- Line&Honey.com £25  


7) In past pupils and smiles by Solange Knowles- $55


8) Hand thrown ceramic gravy jug- Etsy £37.00


9) Vanilla Bean and Mahogny Candle- Kukula £20.00





For Him



10) Henson AL13 Razor - £58.58 


11) Kickflip Backpack Carhartt £88


12) Gardening Cap- Bams Fruit £50 


13 Airism cotton Pyjamas- £24.99


14) Seventh Stores Tracksuit- £320 (sold separately) 


Virgil Abloh LV book- £88


 For her 

15) Heat Chocolate gloss bomb- Fenty beauty £20



16 Elemis Pro Cologen Cleaning Balm- £27.00 


17) Satin Dressing Gown- H&M £24.99


Tazz Ugg Slippers- Ugg £105 


Loafers- GANNI 315 


Telfar Medium Oxblood bag- Telfar £202


Peptide Lip Treatment- Rhode Skincare £16




For the mind  



22) Rose Uniacke at home-Rose Uniacke.com £150 



Masterfully photographed by François Halard, the book unfolds gatefold after gatefold as a series of privileged glimpses inside Rose Uniacke's home, with her own words as our guide.
Completing this indispensable book are texts from the architect of Rose's home, Vincent Van Duysen, and landscape architect, Tom Stuart-Smith.



23) Don't laugh it will only encourage her by Daisy May Cooper- £8.99 


24) Debt the first 500 Years by David Graeber - £15.31  

 The First 5,000 Years is a book by anthropologist David Graeber published in 2011. It explores the historical relationship of debt with social institutions such as barter, marriage, friendship, slavery, law, religion, war and government.


25 A brief history of Total Bullshit- £9.15  

We live in a 'post-truth' age, we're told. The US has a president who openly lies on a daily basis (or who doesn't even know what's true, and doesn't care). The internet has turned our everyday lives into a misinformation battleground. People don't trust experts any more.

But was there ever
really a golden age of truth-telling? As the editor of the UK's leading independent fact-checker, Tom Phillips deals with complete bollocks every day. Here, he tells the story of how we humans have spent history lying to each other - and ourselves - and asks an important question: how can humanity move towards a truthier future?


Nearly all the Men in Lagos are mad- £9.49 

Nearly All the Men in Lagos Are Mad is a collection of twelve short stories featuring characters with unique voices and stories that represent the diverse class, gender and ethnic melting pot that is Lagos.

There's a story of a young lady who tries to find her oyibo soulmate on the streets of Lagos; another of a pastor's wife who defends her husband from an allegation of adultery; a wife takes a knife to her husband's penis; a night of lust between a rising musician and his Instagram baddie takes an unexpected turn.

Nearly All the Men in Lagos Are Mad underscores with wit, humour, wisdom and sensitivity, the perils of trying to find lasting love and companionship in Africa's most notorious city.


Curiosity Subscription- curiositystream.com 49.99 or 3.50 monthly discount code also available




Curiosity Stream is an American media company and subscription video streaming service that offers documentary programming including films, series, and TV shows.



Nebular.tv $50 or 5.50 per month



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