In House with: Irina Klli

Hi I’m Irina, I'm originally from Bordeaux and currently living in Marseille. My Apartment sits on the second floor, and has modern minimalist feel to the interior, something which I have kept at the forefront of my design choices in the home.









Living on my own has allowed me to make the space feel like its truly mine, and although on the outset the prospect of living on your own can seem daunting, I feel that it is the only time someone can really make the space feel like their own by adding their own personal touches.

Like this ceramic "Athena" vase with an antique column-shaped designand this illustration by Maud Peloq "Bergere in leather" in a Louis XV style library. (A Bergère is an 18th century french armchair characterized by its high back and armrests, deep seat, andcurved legs).




The location is quite atypical, with an Italian restaurant "Cacio e Pepe" at the bottom of theBuilding. The corner of the square is always bustling with music and lively conversation from the customers creating a rhythmic order to the environment.


The Mediterranean sea is just a stone’s throw away, and its presence adds to the overall feeling of tranquility in the area. I also think there’s a particular type of fulfilment you get living next to bodies of water that you don’t quite get in most inner city surroundings. Something that I’am always very aware of on my regular walks.



The 001 candle is the perfect addition to my space as it has lots of character but in a very subtle way that allows it to be perfectly suited to perfume small rooms like mine. Once lit, it only takes a few seconds for it’s pronounced, and yet delicate woody and vanilla notes to fill the room.


Its scent is relaxing and makes me feel grounded. The candle is most often placed on the coffee table to create a warm and welcoming ambiance but I also sometimes take it to the bathroom to create a cocooning atmosphere.